The toy market has unlimited potential

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the fact that each family is an only child, the consumption of children is relatively generous. Therefore, the potential of the children's consumer market is huge. In the children's consumer market, toys are even more popular.

The proportion of children's consumption in household consumption in my country continues to increase. Urban children's consumption accounts for a higher proportion of total household expenditure. The per capita annual toy consumption of urban children is 35 yuan. Children who do not create value for the time being are also quietly pulling. consumption of the whole society. Not only that, but now, toys are no longer a patent for children. With people's urgent need for leisure and entertainment, many young people have become the main force of toy purchases, and the consumer group of adult toys in my country is also expanding rapidly. The reporter interviewed 20 young people randomly, and the survey showed that 85% of them said they would buy toys too. Therefore, the small toy market in the eyes of ordinary people also contains unlimited business opportunities.