Unique creative toy gifts can win the gift market

In order to cater to various fashion trends and consumer demands in the gift toy market, the word "creative" has never been more important and indispensable than this year.

"Almost every year, the production and sales of toys and other products will have a peak period, and this peak period is not only related to festivals, but also inseparable from the product itself." A responsible person specializing in toy manufacturing and production People said that the toy orders in 2015 were similar to those of previous years. Every year, starting two months before Christmas, the toy production has been at full capacity, in order to be able to obtain more during this peak period. opportunity for development.

Taking plush toy products as an example, in order to meet market demand, the design, manufacture and production of toy products have to change according to the trend. What kind of toy products were popular in the previous year and what kind of popular elements were popular in 2015? There are certain references for the design, manufacturing and production in 2016, but this is not a constant on paper. After all, the uniqueness of product features is "live".

"With characteristics, there is vitality; with vitality, there is market competitiveness." This sentence has been recognized by most people. According to an early childhood educator, when toy products were very simple in the past, people did not have such awareness, and today's diversified toy product market is completely different. Take kindergarten now, which is the most popular among children. In terms of a puzzle toy favored by parents, in addition to being safe and durable, a wooden puzzle toy is the most important thing to have fascinating features.

Of course, a wooden jigsaw toy product still focuses on educational content first, but the cultural connotation it is endowed also fascinates some parents (including kindergarten teachers), and some educational toy collectors also fancy its collection. The value of this wooden puzzle toy product has been widely promoted in a short period of time. If you compare a jigsaw puzzle with only animal patterns and a jigsaw puzzle with Chinese cultural content such as the Three Character Classic, it goes without saying that the audience of the latter will be higher than the former, which is the best proof that features have won the market.

An industry insider from a certain toy association once said that what we make is toys, but these toys are not only toys with safe and beautiful products, but also toys and gifts with a sense of the times, creativity and rich connotations. Indeed, in many cases, in order to make the product more full, we have to incorporate some elements that can make the product more vibrant and distinctive, in order to attract people's attention.

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